Consult a doctor via chat, phone or video

  • For the whole family, by chat, call or video.
  • Instantly via chat and audio, or upon previous appointment for video
  • Knowing that your personal data will always remain confidential.
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Our medical team is at your disposal whenever and wherever you need them.

Easy to use and secured

  • No app need to download.
  • You will be able to use the service from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC.
  • Multi-channel: chat, phone or video.
  • Secured IT solutions: 100% GDPR compliant, ISO27001.

We bring you doctors when you need them

  • Chat with your doctor wherever you want.
  • Call us whenever you need it.
  • Our doctors are available for video consult from 09:00 to 22:00 every
    day of the week.
  • Medical reports will be shared with you after each consultation.
  • Electronic prescriptions submitted

Our best medical professionals, one click away

  • Connect with the best medical professionals anywhere.
  • You’ll be able to obtain an immediate diagnosis, resolve queries
    and download prescriptions.
  • With more than 20 years of experience in remote assistance.
  • With doctors who practice their profession digitally and in person.


You won’t have to wait in an emergency room for diagnosis and treatment.

Chat with our doctors

Ask a question, wherever you are; our doctors will answer as soon as possible.

Choose the day and time, or ask for immediate consultation

You can choose between an immediate consultation via chat or phone call, or make an appointment up to 7 days ahead.

Video teleconsultation

Talk with out doctors as if you are in their office, in full confidence (no recording)

Select a channel: chat, audio or video


Chat is very convenient and fast. More indicated for general medical information, it can be used anywhere and allows you to share documents with your doctor.


The telephone is the traditional way for people who are not comfortable with new technologies. Your privacy is guaranteed on all channels. Your privacy is guaranteed on all channels.


Video is the practice most similar to a face-to-face consultation. The doctor can see the patient and even talk to the patient's caregiver, in case of support of the patient.


Get ready for your teleconsultation

  • This teleconsultation is yours and our doctors are there for you, take your time.
  • Please, make sure you are in a quiet and confidential environment to ensure the best quality for your consultation with the doctor.
  • 5 minutes before your appointment, check your internet connection, and prepare documents and questions you wish to share with the doctor.

A link with your treating doctor

  • Our teleconsultation and medical advice services are in complement to medical services provided by your personal doctor.
  • We recommend that you share your medical report, that we send after each service, with your personal doctor.
  • We can also share, with your formal agreement, our advices directly with your medical referral.

Trust our 50+ years' experience

  • Europ Assistance, set-up in 1963, is a
    pioneer in remote medical assistance.
  • We cover more than 300 million people in the world, wherever they are.
  • We managed more than 100,000 teleconsultation services in 2020.
  • We enabled special lines for COVID-19 medical information and teleconsultation.


Our doctors, partners and clients explain why they trust the Europ Assistance telehealth services.

A reliable solution, guarantee of confidentiality and data protection

Medical Assistance is our DNA for 55+ years. We constantly pay high attention to our IT systems to secure the personal and sensitive information, that our customers entrust us.

Florence JEAN

Europ Assistance Global

Head of Global Health Business Line

A medical practice, in line with international recommendations

Our doctors are specifically trained in teleconsultation and exercise this practice in compliance with international recommendations. All of them also carry out clinical activities in direct contact with patients.

Pr Thomas Lescot

Europ Assistance Global

Group Chief Medical Officer

Very simple to go through and to get an appointment

The user experience is very smooth. It was very easy to get an online appointment with a doctor within minutes. I was late for my appointment, but the doctor waited for me. I received his medical report right after our conversation. Very professional!

Kun C.

Insurance Broker, Thailand

Business Partner of Europ Assistance

The doctor reassured me through the videoconsultation

I was in trouble, not managing to find a doctor available for my child who had fever since the morning. EA doctor could reassure me and provided appropriate advices via video. I recommend the service.

Hanna 34


Europ Assistance Customer

I could chat in direct with a doctor

My employer offered all employees an access to teleconsultation for free. We can chat in direct with doctors to answer any healthcare related questions we may have. That's cool, easy and much useful.

Cristian 22


Europ Assistance Customer


You need further information ? Take a look to our frequently asked questions.


The service

All what you want to clarify about the service.



Because we are not all IT professionals...

Medical Pro

The Medical Professionals

It is important that we build trust for you.


Security & Compliance

We pay high attention to your data protection and confidentiality.


The service

All what you want to clarify about the service.

  • What is teleconsultation service?

    Teleconsultation service by Europ Assistance can be a remote consultation with a doctor (GP or specialist), but it can be also medical advice to answer your questions, explanation of medical results, or even a coaching session with one of our healthcare professionals (nutritionist, nurse specialized in stress management, smoking cessation or sleep disorder).

  • What is NOT teleconsultation service?

    Our service is not an emergency service. If we detect in your symptoms you declare a potential urgent condition, we either advise you to have a face-to face visit or that you call the emergency unit of your location.

  • What is usually excluded from teleconsultation service?

    Whereas more and more medical decisions can be taken by a healthcare professional at a distance, some conditions or requests are still difficult to be managed remotely: issuance of a prescription (depending on local regulations) or if authorized, the renewal of a treatment over a certain period, issuance of a fit to work certificate, requiring advanced medical information, pregnancy follow-up. Also, when patients present certain symptoms, health symptom checkers or healthcare professional may recommend a face-to-face visit instead of a teleconsultation (loss of consciousness, important nosebleed, chest pain, ...).

  • How long is a teleconsultation?

    Each teleconsultation can be of duration up to 30 minutes; nevertheless, for certain specialties, our doctor may need more time. In that case, we take the time needed or propose another teleconsultation session later.

  • How to start my teleconsultation?

    In the email confirmation and in the reminder you receive 10 minutes before your appointment, you will find a link to connect at the date and time of the teleconsultation. You can access whenever you want. At the time of the consultation, the waiting room will appear and our doctor will open the consultation.

  • Can I refuse the video and have the consultation only by phone?

    Yes, even if you chose "videochat" when booking your appointment, you can change your mind at the last minute and even during the consultation with the doctor. Just accept the "audio" mode, your camera will not be activated.

  • I cannot connect at the time of the consultation. What happens?

    5 minutes after the time of your appointment, in the case you do not show, our supervisors are alerted and our staff will call you back to know if something is doing wrong. If everything fine, you can connect to the consultation during the 30 minutes of the time slot that you booked. If the time has passed, you should book another teleconsultation.

  • When can I book a teleconsultation?

    You can book 24/7 a teleconsultation over the next 7 days, by selecting a timeslot that is available in the online calendar.

  • How long should I wait to have a doctor online?

    We offer a 24/7 teleconsultation service. You can schedule a service within 15 minutes. Our doctors may not be available at the exact time you are looking for, but will be on time at your appointment.

  • Can I cancel or modify an appointment?

    Yes, you can cancel and modify an appointment up to 10 minutes before the consultation. Just click on the link in the confirmation email you received and select cancel. To modify, you should first cancel and then choose another time slot in the calendar.

  • Can I book 2 appointments for the same specialty for the same person?

    No, we do not allow multiple appointments for the same person and the same specialty. You can book another appointment only once the one you booked has been completed.



Because we are not all IT professionals...

  • Should I install an app?

    No, no need to download an app. Just click in our web app onto the link and follow our guidance.

  • How to know if my browser or my system are compliant to use the videochat?

    In the email confirmation you will receive, we list all the systems for which our solution is optimized, so that you can check in advance. The list is as below: - Desktop: Edge from 17 , Firefox from 22, Chrome from 23, Safari for MacOs from 11 - Mobile: Safari for iOS from 11, Android Browser from 76, Chrome for Android from 76, Samsung Internet from 9.2

  • I don't have a camera for the video. Can I still benefit of a teleconsultation?

    Yes, our teleconsultation can be perfectly managed via audio and chat.

  • Can I use my smartphone for the teleconsultation?

    Yes, you can use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

  • Is Internet mandatory to access the service?

    Yes, a minimum bandwidth is mandatory for the appointment booking, the chat and the audio. A good quality connection is required for the video. If the bandwidth is not sufficient, the system will automatically switch from video to audio, without disconnecting you.

  • What to do in case of a disconnection during a consultation?

    In the case you are disconnected with the doctor during a consultation, simply click on the same button to access the service. You will be connected with the same doctor. In case the quality of the bandwidth is really too bad, our doctor will propose to call you back on the phone number you declared at the time of the appointment, or another phone number that you can indicate.

Medical Pro

The Medical Professionals

It is important that we build trust for you.

  • How can I be sure of the qualification and the quality fo the medical doctor?

    Europ Assistance is selecting the medical professionals that manage the teleconsultation service as per different criteria: medical background and experience, soft skills to take care of the patient at a distance, capacity of autonomy to face all individual situations.

  • In the case the doctor does not show at my teleconsultation, what happens?

    This is a situation that should not happen, nevertheless, our healthcare professionals are human, and may have themselves a constraint not allowing them to attend your appointment. 5 minutes after the time of your appointment, in the case the doctor does not show, our supervisors are alerted. If another doctor is available, your teleconsultation will be automatically rerouted to the available doctor. If no other doctor available, our staff will call you back to apologize for the inconvenience and propose another time slot with you.


Security & Compliance

We pay high attention to your data protection and confidentiality.

  • How can I be sure of the data security?

    All our solutions are highly secured, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, for the highest guarantee of your data protection, at every moment of the teleconsultation.

  • Where are my personal data hosted?

    Your personal data are hosted on the Europ Assistance servers.

  • Can I access my personal data and ask to delete them?

    Yes, you can contact Europ Assistance to ask information about which personal data we collected for the teleconsultation service. We can also delete all information that is not mandatory to keep for regulatory purpose.